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CERTIFIED FOCUSING PROFESSIONAL & TRAINER by the International Focusing Institute, New York

CERTIFIED ARCHITECT by Cardiff University, Wales, UK



architecture • CHRONIC PAIN • WEIGHT LOSS • SELF-CARE• teens&kids

Do you sometimes feel
that there is a part of you

that is preventing you from

moving forward?

FOCUS-IN is a guided mindful process

through which we get to change our perspective on daily life issues. 

This kind of inter-action allows us to go further deeper
than our thoughts, ideas and analytical-self, into our implicit world. 


The FOCUS-IN guided process facilitates the creation of an environment
in which your inner-self would feel safe and truthfully heard.





When was the last time you allowed yourself to pause for a moment and ask what is it that you really need? To reach out for support, even with the little things in life?

FOCUS-IN self-care guided sessions will create a sense of support so you can move forward. Through this process you will learn some useful tools for whenever you feel the need to shift your perspective.




Do you feel you are being controlled by your cravings? That no matter what you do or how you address your eating habits, there is something influencing you that is stronger than you?

FOCUS-IN weight sessions will not only give you practical tips on how to deal with those cravings “in the moment” but will create a shift in your relationship with food and hunger.



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Do you live your life feeling threatened by pain? Even in the moments when you are not necessarily in pain? Pain is a physiological sensation. So how come we can develop a way to be in our body when it holds so much pain?


FOCUS-IN pain guided sessions will gradually reveal a new way for you to listen to your pain, receive its messages and sense relief from it.




Does the space you call home feel like home?  Are you fusional with your living space, your work space, your environment?

The purpose of the FOCUS-IN home sessions is to clarify what is it that stands between you and feeling aligned with your environment. This process will connect you physically to your space in an organic genuine way. You will acquire the tools that are needed for you to feel at home.




teens & kids

Is your child suffering from an eating disorder or some unexplained pain? Increased school related stress is causing frustration, tension and anxiety? 

The FOCUS-IN process takes into account the body and the signals it sends, without analysis. This aspect is especially important during the teenage years. It opens the door for the young person to accept his body and reconnect with it.


With a few sessions, the teenager will feel relieved, more confident and more free to explore his environment. He will also be better equipped to protect himself from abuse.



If you are intrigued to know more about how to deal with your life issues in a different way than other therapies, and to discover this authentic process, then I invite you to give this a try! 

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