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My Neuro-Architectural Approach™

My approach to chronic issues is an organic outcome of who I am, my professional and personal knowledge and experience.


More specifically, it is a term which represents best what it is that we actually do together in the process of Building New Pathways of Relief & Hope for Chronic Patterns.


Neuro -  today it is a common knowledge, scientifically proven, that chronic issues physically exist in our brain and nervous system. Already in 1949(!), the neuropsychologist Donald Hebb clearly summarised it: “Neurons that fire together, wire together”.Meaning that when any two things happen at the same time (= experience), a neuropathway in the brain is formed and reinforced through repetition.

For example if I suffer from pain and I fear the pain at the same time, pain and fear are connected through a pathway. Whenever I feel fear I will experience pain and whenever I experience pain I will feel afraid. This relationship creates a chronic pattern, a vicious circle that feels like there is no way out. And no wonder! Our primitive brain is convinced that we are being threatened so it is stuck in a hyper vigilant state, in freeze. 

Luckily, the brain’s plasticity means that change is possible, by building a new pathway.


Architectural - Architecture is not only the language I use but it is actually what we will be doing together, since this is a building project. 

Through this process you will build a new pathway. For this new pathway to be solid, we will move forward step by step.

As with any architectural project, it demands your personal engagement, conviction, devotion, persistence, perseverance. Its success depends on you taking responsibility while working as a team.

For example, if you suffer from emotional eating, through this process you will experience a shift in your relationship with food. If until now your chronic pattern is food tied with shame, this process will allow you to feel safe around food and hunger, repeatedly. The outcome is that a new pathway will be built. And when an experience is repeated over and over, the brain learns to use the same neurons each time, the same pathway, making it stronger.

By default, your old pathway which is responsible for your chronic pattern, will get weaker. You will then sense a shift which will result in a sense of relief and hope. 


Approach - To build a new pathway we will gently approach your chronic issue by creating a safe environment for you to explore it. Since chronic patterns are emotional bodily experiences, we will use mind-body techniques such as Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, Vagus nerve relaxation exercises and more. I will share with you my own first hand experience in building new pathways. All the tools I have used will be at your disposal. 

Consolidating all my knowledge results in this unique and authentic approach.


Do you suffer from a chronic pattern?


Chronic pain

Chronic disease

Emotional eating

Mental clutter

And you feel like you are facing a wall? Trapped?

You want to shift from shame & fear into safe & compassion?

Then, my Neuro-Architectural Approach™ will allow you to build this new pathway that you need in order for you to feel relief from your chronic issue.  


Feel Relief & hope by clicking here now to start building this new pathway.


Or continue reading a bit more about me.


Hi, I’m Daphna!


I facilitate Building New Pathways of Relief & Hope for Chronic Patterns. 

I am certified by The International Focusing Institute in New York as a Focusing Professional and Trainer. I use several techniques such as Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, the understanding of our nervous system and the brain’s plasticity. 


I am also a certified architect by Cardiff University, which is a major factor in how I perceive the body in relation to space and movement. Architecture is my language and the wide vision of multiple dimensions allows me to “capture the whole of it”. Being an architect also helps me communicate my unique approach to my clients and clarify to them the process of building new pathways and all that it means.


Having few years of experience as a teacher (math and architecture) plays an important role in how I am being with my clients and the kind of interaction that we create together. This quality of presence allows my clients to realise their full potential so they could feel authentic. Building new pathways is not an ordinary practice. The “how to build” is being taught in the “productive zone” of my clients, where they get more and more skilled.  


My Neuro-Architectural Approach™ is based as well on my personal story and life circumstances. My own journey is a solid pillar of my approach to accompanying clients who suffer from chronic patterns like chronic disease, chronic pain, emotional eating, anxiety and clutter. 


At the age of 16 I suffered from a sudden acute back pain. That was my first encounter with THIS pain.

When I reached my late 30s, after giving birth to my two wonderful children, two back surgical interventions, infiltrations, numerous visits to known doctors (in different countries), all sorts of conventional and alternative treatments, I was handicapped, felt broken and depressed. 

I felt like there was no coherent explanation to my condition. Luckily, something just didn’t make sense to me, so I kept looking and researching about chronic pain. 

Then one day I came across an article about Dr John Sarno and his research about chronic pain. Immediately I ordered his book “healing back pain”.

This was a turning point in my search, in my life. For the first time I felt I was properly diagnosed! It pointed me out to a new direction of understanding my body, a direction that since then I am following. 

It is one of the foundations of my Neuro-Architectural Approach™. 

Based on John Sarno’s work I was now able to look for tools and create new ones so I could change my relationship with the pain. 

I was finally able to understand what is going on with my body, my brain and my nervous system. 


At that point, I was suffering from emotional eating and was overweight. I avoided looking in the mirror for a few years. 

So I have created a way for me to lose weight, building a new relationship with food and hunger. I have used some of the tools I used for curing my chronic back pain and added some new ones, more specific for emotional eating. 

This plan that I have outlined for myself allowed me to lose 18 kg and find back the body I lost.  With no internal fight, no diets, no shame. 


Born in Nigeria, lived a few years in Paris as a teenager, a couple of years in Seoul, South Korea with my husband and finally settled in Switzerland, those life experiences of traveling, getting to know other cultures, are a part of my personality. They formed my strong sense of orientation and direction. 


These days in my free time I like lead climbing, bouldering and wheel throwing. 

I speak English, French and Hebrew.   

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