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"Daphna's great skill is staying completely present for whatever comes up for me in a session, hearing me deeply, and guiding me through the deeper layers of what arises for me.  She's especially gifted at intuiting hidden layers I may not even be aware of, and always offering her thoughts with a special kind of humble grace.  She understands that different aspects of life often overlap and intersect in mysterious ways... when she helps me make these connections, I often feel a flood of new insight.   I highly recommend her as a facilitator.  

H., United-States
(FOCUS-IN self-care)


"The FOCUS-IN approach immediately attracted me because, compared to other methods and thanks to Daphna, it is very simple. No mental solicitation, no preparation necessary, I go in without knowing what will emerge, and without worry either. I feel confident, since the process is led my felt-sense so it impossible to "go wrong". 

It would be impossible for me to make this journey alone: it is thanks to Daphna that I do not "slip" and that I do not fall into the trap of analysis. Her interventions help to stay in the right direction, she is both a guide and an accompagnant. Each time, a knot unties, in a very fluid and unexpected way. It's a step forward from the start.

I had never been able to get so close to the heart of my blockages, and find such personal insights. A TRUE liberation from my inner and unconscious obstacles."

P., Switzerland
(FOCUS-IN self-care)


"I am a fairly athletic person and without any weight problems, but I have always had a bad relationship with food: I took refuge in chocolate and sweets after any "moral nuisance", at work, with family; the moment I finished my snack I felt guilty, but that did not prevent me from taking another one immediately afterwards or from having the same dynamic a few hours / days later.


Regarding the quantities, I never left any leftovers in my dish, whether at home, with friends or at a restaurant. If I was invited, I never refused a reminder, neither of the main course nor of the dessert, and I ended the evening almost ill for having eaten too much, despite the initial intention not to let myself be fooled.


Since I started the sessions with Daphna, I have listened to the needs of my body: in everyday life, I eat when I'm hungry, not when it's time or when I want, and I 'manage to regulate myself better with the quantities, by eating what I need. It may happen that when I am hungry I cannot eat, but I understood that it is not that bad, I can take this feeling for a while!

At the same time, I accepted that we have the right to indulge ourselves with what we eat, and that to feast on sweets is not bad in itself, you just have to do it carefully.


Thank you Daphna for your presence, I would have liked to meet you a long time ago!"

C., Switzerland
(FOCUS-IN weight)


"I was lucky to be able to do some FOCUS-IN sessions with the wonderful Daphna.

I have been living with chronic pain for so long and

I feel she helped me to cope better with my situation. 

The process has allowed me to get in touch with some issues other than the pain itself and to sense a shift in my relationship with my disease.

Daphna makes me feel comfortable and relaxed with her calm caring nature.  I would throughly recommend for anyone to try FOCUS-IN with her.

Thank you so much from Tracy xxx"

T., Israel
(FOCUS-IN pain)


"I have reached out to Daphna during the process of building a house, when we were already working with an architect, to get her opinion.

We have met on few occasions, at different stages of the project, and with her attitude and profound listening capacities, we were able to clarify our priorities, deal with budget issues and workout through conflicts. With her structured thinking and her sensitivity, Daphna was able to get very fast a precise insight of our situation as a whole.


Daphna’s presence and support allowed me to move forward with the project, kept me on track and gave me a feeling of being TRULY heard.

I recommend anyone who is in need for support with their project to contact Daphna and have her by your side. This is so beneficial! "

V., Switzerland
(FOCUS-IN space)


"The bad relationship with food, cravings then guilt, overweight, have always been present in me. I learned to recognise these situations, regularly in connection with my emotions (all, sadness, joy), also I learned to analyse them, to understand them, but all that did not prevent me from having the same dynamic later. , and above all a lot of suffering and discomfort.


I wanted help, I started Focus-in not knowing what would come out, it was the unknown. I was quickly in confidence, knots untied, unexpectedly, guided and accompanied by Daphna. She has the ability to listen to my feelings and interpret them even when I cannot describe them myself.


This Focus-in approach allowed me to feel my body-sense, my deepest or primitive emotions related to frustrations, and to understand that the bad relationship to food was more of a compensation strategy.

As a result, I was able to recognize and especially appropriate my emotions. Listening to my body, eating when I'm hungry, not when I feel like it, measuring the quantities, eating what I need, but also making myself happy.


Today I start to recognise myself again in front of a mirror (after losing more than 10 kg in 2 months and the process continues) ..."

M., Switzerland
(FOCUS-IN weight)


"When I do focusing with Daphna I feel safe and cared for. I can relax completely. Out of this safety and relaxation arise new perspectives on my life that I could never imagine before. She is able to follow where my mind and body go, even when I can hardly describe it myself. 

Daphna has a profound ability to sense my inner experience and communicate it back to me.

Through our focusing conversations I have uncovered new landscapes and dimensions of my inner world, unfolding new levels of deep self knowledge, all in the warmth of her expansive and embracing company.

Daphna’s presence in my life is a profound gift."

(FOCUS-IN self-care)


"Changing the design in your home is much more than putting financial figures on project.

It is a very intimate process , very much rooted in who you are, who you want to be, how you approach a lifestyle, your family dynamics etc,… 

And at the same time it is also very operational:  priorities, timing, suppliers, partners, cost. Daphna has a very global approach encompassing both sides to ensure the steady advance of the project.

Daphna gave me tools which I will be able to continue and use while I care for my living space in the future.

A., Switzerland
(FOCUS-IN space)


"Daphna is incredibly insightful! She reads me like no one else. Her questions encourage reflection, introspection, AND they lead to decision and action. 

I really like to share my journey with her while having the freedom to keep certain things to myself. I feel less alone in my questioning because I know she is there."

S., Switzerland
(FOCUS-IN self-care)


"We are a family with 3 children and we needed to redefine and adapt the spaces to our way of life by creating harmony in the main rooms.

Daphna was able to listen and her support made us understand our real needs and desires. She offered us different variations and was very helpful in terms of space management, interior design and light. We now have our main room where adults and children meet to exchange, play but also have their peace while being able to accommodate in a modern and warm environment.

Thanks again for the whole process!"

V., Switzerland
(FOCUS-IN space)


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