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Building New Pathways ​

FOCUS-IN eating

for Emotional Eating, Weight Loss, Bad Habits & Shame

Do you feel sadness/grief when you look in the mirror?


Does it feel like you are in a constant struggle with your own body?

That your inter-action with food/eating/body is like a battle zone? 


Are you disappointed with yourself? Feeling shame? 


Is there something in you that “pushed you off track”
and ever since you have been looking for a way to get back,
to get back into your own body?


Do you sense a feeling of giving up, hopelessness, no exit?


Looking in the mirror and feeling detached, like we are no longer in touch with the person who looks back at us, might be a very sad moment.


You want to change it, you want to lose weight. The critic voice in you keeps loudly whispering “you should lose weight, look at you”, criticizing, judging.

Perhaps you have tried some diets before, or followed some healthy eating programmes.
Maybe you were even able to lose weight.


And still you feel you are controlled by your eating habits, by food. 

You are caught in a tangle.

No wonder! Your existing neural pathways are the ones in control!


My Neuro-Architectural Approach™ is a mind-body process that is exactly effective

since it allows us to create a new relationship with our body.

It allows us to get a closer look at this internal tangle,

this unclear place in us that is in-between ourselves and food/body.


It opens up the possibility of finding a way to organically take care of our body,

from a safe place and not through a battle.


Building New Pathways that allow you to feel safe around food, your relationship with your body will shift from shame to

Gain trust in your body


Let go of some eating habits

and sense a shift in your relationship with your cravings  


Pause before eating

and get to know the feeling of physical hunger 


Be in charge


Build self-confidence in a way that will

allow you to feel safe while you eat



If you want to experience a healthy way of losing weight, to gain control on your process, then, from my personal experience (I lost 17 kg within a year and since then I have maintained my weight), My Neuro-Architectural Approach™ can definitely be your option. 

Let’s start this journey together!

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or you can call + 41 78 734 66 62






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