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Building New Pathways ​

FOCUS-IN self-care

for Anxiety, Cluttered Mind, Bad Habits

Do you feel stuck? 


Are you feeling lost

and don’t know which direction to take?


Do you feel anxious, 
or even experience anxiety attacks?


Are you afraid to move forward, to take the next step?


Do you find yourself procrastinating? 


Do you sense you are constantly in conflict,
interiorly and with your environment?

   As if the world were against you?


Do you feel a constant burden?

An unexplained sadness that accompanies you? 




If some of these questions resonate for you, it means that something in you is keeping you in this vicious circle: A well traveled pathway. An old mechanism that is choosing for you. 


Surprisingly this strategy is there to protect you from something, even though it is hurting you! 

As mammals, from birth we ask others to be accessible for our safety.
When the nervous system detects safety, it can drop down this protection/defense mode and go back to supporting our body organic process of growth, health and restoration.


FOCUS-IN is a mind-body mindful approach that sends a message of safety to your nervous system and brain and allows you to connect to your inner-wisdom, and encourages you to move towards what is just for you.


As your Building New Pathways' facilitator, I will guide you through this process and together we will carefully listen to your inner-self, your body and heart, and open the window to a breeze of fresh air that will carry the possibility for a change to happen.



Neuro-Architectural Approach™ will give you the tools to;


change your habits in a sustainable way


quiet down your mind & body

overcome anxiety and feel more aligned with yourself 

take the decisions that suit you


be more authentic 


deal with fogginess and clear it up


get a fresh look at your conflicts

be friendly with your inner self and your environment 



If you would like to know more about how to deal with your life issues in a different way than other therapies, and to discover this authentic process of Building New Pathways,

then I invite you to give this a try

contact me by filling out this form
email me at
or you can call + 41 78 734 66 62






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