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Building New Pathways ​

FOCUS-IN youth

for Stress, Low Self-Esteem, Conflicts, ADHD

do you feel out of touch with your own child?

as if they are completely out of reach?

as if you are not on the same “frequency”?


are you sad seeing your young loved one feeling lost?


have anger and frustration become regular visitors in your home environment?

too much tension and too many unpleasant moments?


do you feel like a witness from aside when your child is being anxious and having dark thoughts? and that as much as you wish to be there for them, there is something like a wall between you, blocking you from accessing them?


are you afraid from all the judgement your child is dealing with?

and that no matter how positive your message is, they still feel judged and not understood? by you, by their friends, by themselves? 

are you worried that there is something physically out of balance

with your teenager?

that is causing them to develop eating disorders, sleeping issues or pain ?

does it feel as if your child is just not present?


Adolescence is a complicated period. 

It is a transitional period not only physically but also emotionally. Our inside world and body are changing as well as the world around us. We no longer perceive the world or ourselves the way we did up until now. This passage is shaky. It impacts our nervous system.

Naturally, and very often, that whole situation becomes a source for distress,

pain and feeling ungrounded. 


At the same time, this period in life is an opportunity for the young person to explore the world with curiosity and discover their values, own their choices and build their way to become an independent person in the future. As parents we all want that, or something similar, for our kids.


However, sometimes we as parents just don’t know how to be there for them in a way that will allow them to do exactly that.

I myself am a mother of two, my son a young adult and my daughter a teenager, and I find myself questioning my reactions and my way of being with them and for them.

But whenever  I include my Mindbody tools in the way I relate to a situation, it gives us something new in the way we communicate AND they can sense a shift in their experience. Something new is presenting itself, a new path appears, a new understanding forms, and a new way of being becomes possible. 


The advantage of My Neuro-Architectural Approach™ is that it is not about digging into the story but rather finding self-compassion and a different way to relate to and

experience life events. 

It is a very agreeable and gentle process, that allows the young one to get some sense of relaxation, a break. 

This process of accompaniment creates a safe environment for the young person where we listen together to their feelings without analysing them.

By genuinely recognising their feelings, the teenager experiences a shift in their interaction with their inner-self and their environment. 


My Neuro-Architectural Approach™ is a guided process that considers both the mind and the body and allows us to get the signals the body sends us. This aspect is important especially during the adolescence period.  It opens the door to the possibility for the youngster to accept their body and to reconnect with it. 

As a result, it is very effective for :

eating disorders

different pain issues 



stress related to school



Your child will regain confidence to better manage school stress, dark thoughts and

build a positive relationship with their body.

With few sessions they will feel relieved, resourced and free to continue

exploring the world. 


Building New Pathways at that period in life ,and avoiding bad habits, means that they will have healthy foundations as a starting point as adults later on in life.


Sessions are offered for both parents and child, together and/or separately. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further what you and your young one need and how we can move forward together!

contact me by filling out this form
email me at
or you can call + 41 78 734 66 62






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