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Tsaus Mountains intense journey

Building New Pathways ​


for Back PainMigraines, Chronic Disease

Is your body your worst enemy that you can’t run away from?


Are you afraid of the pain?


Fo you have a sense that you are only pain?
That you have become your pain?

That you are defined by your pain?


Do you feel guilty about it? Worthless? Shameful?


Do you sometimes wish that your pain would be visible,

since nobody can actually see it and nobody can understand you?


Do you wonder if the pain is a punishment?


Do you wonder if the pain is real or you are just imagining it?

That perhaps you have gone mad?



Let me start by saying: 

Your pain is real! Chronic pain is a physiological issue! You are normal! You are not damaged! And you are not alone! So many people are quietly suffering from pain.


The pain, the anger about the pain and the fear of the pain, are considered as threats to our nervous system. So, under threat, the body searches for a tool to protect us, to shut down, to freeze. The result could be more inflammation, and muscle tension. Then more pain. A painful loop. We are trapped in pain. Thus, living with chronic pain is a huge challenge.


As an organism, we all possess the capacity to bounce back from illness and injury (physical and emotional), under the right conditions. If we have a wound, we will care for it, wash it, disinfect it, we put on a bandage or a  band-aid.We will put in place some conditions for
self-caring. But our organism will do the actual healing.  


FOCUS-IN pain is a therapeutic process that assists us in finding a “place” where relaxing and healing are possible, to find a safe space for us and create the right conditions

so healing can happen. 

This process will facilitate the building of new pathway by reducing the level of threat.

From my own experience I can testify that with My Neuro-Architectural Approach™ , we are able to shift our horizon, to change our relationship with the pain and body, to be able to think;


I am much more then my pain;
I can access all other aspects of myself

and get in touch with the more that i am


I can find a way to be with this, and moreover, to overcome the pain


I can be more in my active self than in my fixed attitude


I can be curious, compassionate and forgiving with myself, with my body


I can experience peace within my body



Chronic pain is solvable; you have the resources!


Are you committed to the process and in a place where you sense some curiosity about all of this? then I invite you to contact me, so we could start immediately the process of

Building New Pathway of Relief together!

by filling out this form

emailing me at

or you can call + 41 78 734 66 62






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