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Do you feel detached from your own space? Not at ease?

Sense that there is something unjust or not harmonious about your Space?

Do you find yourself looking around you,

sensing that your living environment is not aligned with you?

As if it doesn’t belong to you?

Do you sense a need for change but you don’t know exactly what it is
that needs to be changed? Or how? 

Are you in the middle of a project

and you get this sense of being in a muddle?


Are you stressed about your budget
and you don’t know how to move forward?

Do you find yourself in a conflict with your spouse or service provider?



Who is this for?

Whether you are a home owner, attendant or a person looking to buy a property,

I can support you in your project. Listening carefully and holistically to your expectations, to your needs and wishes, l will guide you so you can clarify what it is that you really want and need.


Why is this important? 

The relationship between our bodies and space is highly important, and often overlooked.
Just as our body is the container of the self, our immediate space is the container of our body & self; your neighborhood is the container of your home-body-self. Therefore, taking care of your space is as important as taking care of you body, of your “self”. They are not separated; together they contain you in this world.

My combined skills as an architect and a focusing coach will lead and support you to experience a sense of wholeness and peace about your project.

The FOCUS-IN SPACE process will create a connection between you and your space in a sustainable way; the acquired tools will always be available for you.

What can this be useful for?

No matter the stage of your project, or its scale, from the moment it is only an idea until the final steps of its realization, I will accompany and assist you.
Working together is a valuable supplement to the work done by your architect or any other advisors or professionals.


Let’s find ways for you to go through this important step in your life in searching for your harmonious space so you can:

Sense more alignment with your space, like a coming home


Make the right decisions that fit you


Sense being in a safe interaction

with your projet’s partners, family, architect, designer etc


Take control of your budget  

Acquire tools that will be available for you

whenever you sense the need for a change in your space


Define your taste better and follow it so you can feel harmony



I invite you to contact me for a brief chat or a longer process.

Together we will discover what fits you best.

contact me by filling out this form
email me at hello@daphnadaily.com
or you can call 41 78 734 66 62







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