the dead sea, layers

who i am

As a focusing coach, an architect and a teacher, not only are these the pillars in my curriculum but also my characteristics, my "who I am" and moreover, who I can be with you and for you.

As a certified Focusing coach, I am adept in... 

pointing you towards finding clarity and your true essence. 

I bring a curious and compassionate attitude to the coaching process which facilitates your inter-action and paves the way towards new insights.

As an architect, I am skilled in...

seeing and understanding the larger picture, the "whole of it"...

constructing and paving your path with you, your process or your project, building bridges to overcome gaps and creating connections.


As a teacher, I bring my abilities...

to ask the right questions, to identify the best possibilities and

clarify the steps needed to be taken to attain your goals

so you can realize your full potential.

If you invite me, I will accompany you with all that I am.